Holidays – Weight Gain

Wish You & Your Family A Merry Christmas & A Wonderful New Year!

In case you are thinking of minimizing your weight gain during the holidays, the following could be helpful: Quote from “Mind Your Own WellnessPurple Belt Eating Formula

If possible:

– avoid going to a party with an empty stomach
– prior to the party, drink a glass of water and eat 1 to 2 portions of your favorite fresh fruits or salad (limit to 2 TSP of healthier dressing).
– when eating your favorite unhealthy or junk food, take smaller bites and slow down your speed of eating. In this way, you will be able to 1)taste your food better and 2) it gives your Inner Healthy Voice a chance to ask you to eat less unhealthy food sooner (Mindset: the fewer the pounds that I gain over the holidays – will give me an easier start next year).

Please note:
– a portion is approximately the size of your fist.
– 2 portions of fresh fruits could be your choice of an apple and a banana, or any combinations of your favorite fresh fruits (eat them fresh, juice, or blend them if you like).

Hope the above information is useful!

Best Wishes,


Alex Ong – Bruce Lee of Wellness, Natural Health Author by Accident
Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach
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