Buffet, Buffet, All the Way!

Is it worth it? How much can you gain out All You Can Eat Buffets? If you could eat twice or three times as much, do you actually come out ahead? On the surface, it is worth it – to eat more than you paid for. But realistically, you are gaining weight by eating two or three times as much as you need. Unfortunately, the gain is never a profit in your pocket. It is in pounds on the scale.

It will be more fun and pleasurable if your goal is to explore different kinds of food that buffet restaurants offer, or to give yourself a break from your routine meals without overeating. The good thing about buffets is that they normally offer a choice of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat that first!

 A good strategy for buffet eating is to use at least the White Belt’s Eating Formula in Chapter 16 of Mind Your Own Wellness (which is to fill yourself up a little first, with a big glass of water, before you indulge).

 Imagine this: If the water were to fill your stomach up by 10 to 20% before you eat your heart out, you are less likely to gain as much weight as you did from your previous buffet trip, naturally!

 Wish You & Your Family The Very Best,

Alex Ong – Bruce Lee of Wellness – Junk Food Expert

Inspirational Speaker & Natural Health Author of Mind Your Own Wellness



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