3 Simple Tips – Beware of Junk Food – On Sale!

3 Simple Tips: Beware Of Junk Food – On Sale!

Imagine you are at the grocery store and see a sign for a super sale on junk food. Remember that it might look like a good deal, but buying these foods will have a negative effect on your health. For example:

1)      Now bigger: 30% more unhealthy food for the same price! True meaning: It is time to put on more weight.

2)      Buy 1 get 1 half off! True meaning: Start blocking your arteries!

3)      Buy 2 bags of chips for the price of 1! True meaning: Since your heart is still pumping, let’s weaken it!

Buying junk food on sale basically means adding fat to your body and adding emotional pain to your life. Let us face the facts! The more junk food you buy, the more you or your family will eat it. Avoid junk food sales and start taking control of your health. Minimize your junk food intake if possible or buy the smallest size available.

Wish You & Your Family The Very Best,

Alex Ong – Bruce Lee of Wellness

Inspirational Speaker & Natural Health Author of Mind Your Own Wellness



To book Alex for your upcoming event: 630-673-6268

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