1 Big Plus About Being Fat!

1 Big Plus About Being Fat!

If I was not fat in the first place, my then future mother-in-law would not have asked me to go for a blood test. If the blood test did not take place, I probably will not be sitting here writing this blog for you! I didn’t know that my cholesterol level was at 288 at the age of 25 (safer cholesterol level should be below 200), until she asked me to take a blood test before marrying her only daughter.

If I did not change my junk food eating habit since then, I could have doubled my size by now or I would have build my cholesterol level to 350 and higher. Worst of all, I could have experienced a stroke, a heart attack, or may be even dead by now (at age 19 – “the second time” = 38).

How can I be so sure about that? I’ve lost my third uncle at age 43 (my father’s elder brother) to a sudden massive heart attack, my fifth uncle at age 50 (my father’s younger brother) to a sudden massive, my seventh uncle at age 50 (my father’s youngest brother) to a sudden massive heart attack, and then my father at age 65, again to a sudden massive heart attack (the reason that my father got to live longer was because he started eating healthier at age 40. However, if I knew what I now know from Mind Your Own Wellness such as, milk, animal protein, MSG, colorings, aspartame, white flour, BHT, stress, sleep, etc., my father would certainly have lived even longer).

Ladies & Gentlemen, it doesn’t matter how heavy, slim, or fit you look right now, on the outside. The key is to start focusing on eating a little healthier moving forward. Eating a little healthier and live longer; not just for yourself, but also for your loved ones too. It doesn’t matter if you are reading Mind Your Own Wellness or other health books, just get started by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day from now on (how: details are available from my 1/25/10’s blog or email me at alexong@mindyourownwellness.com).

See Alex’s Before and After pictures: http://www.MindYourOwnWellness.com

If the above is not convincing enough for you to get started, think about “Larry King” and the super fit looking famous female singer “Toni Braxton”. Both of them were not fat like I was; however, they were both victims of heart attacks – fortunately, they survived. But not Tim Russert, Billy May, and the King of Voiceover Don LaFontaine – they did not get to see the next day.

Start today, give yourself the freedom to choose to drink a glass of water first prior to, drinking any sugar/ artificial drinks, or eating any unhealthy food. Picture this: drinking a glass of water or eating a portion of healthy food is like saving a day of your life. Drinking sugar drinks or eating unhealthy food is like taking away a day of your precious life, not only from you; but also from your loved ones too!

I hope the song “Greatest Hero” that I wrote for my very giving father can ignite your fire in you to start living your healthiest and longest for yourself and your loved ones:


Best Wishes To You & Your Family,

Alex & Family

Alex Ong – Bruce Lee of Wellness

Inspirational Speaker & Natural Health Author of Mind Your Own Wellness



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Picture: Alex with Deidre Hall

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  1. Good article. As a big Tim Russert fan I sure wish he would have done what you did to take care of your health. Healthy eating and exercise do make a huge difference in our longevity.

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