Food Temptation – Late At Night

Food Temptation – Late At Night

(Page 85 of Mind Your Own Wellness – Turning Thoughts Into Reality)

Have you ever noticed what happens to your stomach from about 10:00 at night until about 2:00 in the morning?

Do you usually feel like eating something during that period? Many of us have heard of midnight snacks! Have you also noticed the change in advertisements on TV around that time? They are for deep-fried meals, chocolate, delicious burgers, sausage, and egg meals. They start to pop out more to tell you what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for tomorrow.

Once you are aware of what those advertisements are doing to your thoughts (which is to ask you to eat more unhealthy food than you need, the next day), it will be harder for your Inner Junky (Junk Food) Voice to play with what you will be eating tomorrow. You will have better control over what is really good and healthy for you the next day. Just stick to your game plan to eat right, unless it is your take-a-break day.

If you really want to stay healthy, you can. Be patient and persistent and you will soon feel a change. You will feel lighter and breath deeper, move faster, and your confidence level will increase, naturally. Before you know it, you will be amazed by the changes that your new choices have made in your life.

Quote: “Eat a little healthier everyday and live longer for yourself and your loved ones!” – Alex Ong – Inspiration Speaker & Author of

Best Wishes To You & Your Family,

Alex & Family

Alex Ong – Bruce Lee of Wellness

Inspirational Speaker & Natural Health Author of Mind Your Own Wellness

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