1 Fun Stress Relief Technique – “Learn how to breathe like a PRO – Breathe like a BABY!”

1 Fun Stress Relief Technique – “Learn how to breathe like a PRO – Breathe like a BABY!” – from MindYourOwnWellness.com


“Breathe like a PRO! Breathe like a BABY – Through Your Diaphragm!”

1.       Sit down on a comfortable chair

2.      Put both feet on the ground and straighten your back (for best results)

3.      Lower your chin a little, so that you can see your stomach

4.      Simply place your LEFT hand on your CHEST and RIGHT hand on your STOMACH.

5.      Exhale slowly with your lips almost shut and make the “SSS…” sound as long as you can (Without feeling uncomfortable or out of breath)

6.      Then inhale fully and see which hand rises

7.      If your RIGHT hand rises more than your LEFT hand, you are mostly breathing through your diaphragm – Good for you!

8.      But, if your LEFT hand or chest rises more than your RIGHT hand, you are mostly breathing through your lungs and not your diaphragm; which is not as good for you because breaths taken in through lungs only, are usually short and shallow. In other words, you are not giving your body as much oxygen as it needs. Once your breaths become shorter and shorter, you are likely to experience a headache, become tired, or stressed.

How do you learn to breathe through your diaphragm? Practice! Repeat steps 1 – 6 until you start seeing your RIGHT hand rising and your stomach expanding. You will get it soon. Both you and I were born with this talent, however once our lungs were fully developed, we started to breathe mostly through our lungs instead of our diaphragms. All we need to do is relearn the proper breathing technique.

Remind yourself regularly to breathe through your diaphragm until it becomes your second nature, especially when you are caught in stressful situations.

Best Wishes To You & Your Family,

Alex & Family

Alex Ong – The Guy To Call When Stress or Weight Happens To Soar!

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