1 Power Thought – Take Good Care Of Your Body!

1 Power Thought – Take Good Care Of Your Body!

How much are you worth? When you are at the lowest point in life, you might think you are worthless and start to use comfort food to relieve your stress. However, if a millionaire wants to pay you $1 million dollars for your heart, would you sell it to the millionaire? No! Take good care of your body so that it can take good care of you!

How often do you feel FANTASTIC after eating the so-called “Comfort Food?”

Not once – That I can recall! Comfort food often make me feel good only while I was eating it. Once I finished eating those extra fat, saturated fat, sugar, coloring, flavoring, preservatives,…I would start to blame myself saying, “I shouldn’t have eaten that big bar of chocolate, I shouldn’t have eaten that big bag of potato chips, or I shouldn’t have eaten that huge piece of cheesecake!” – Have you ever asked yourself the same question too?

If possible, the next time when you experience stress, use the following phase to give you a good start: When Stress Strike, Eat Light – Alex Ong – Think comfort food = weight gain and more pain!!!

Best Wishes To You & Your Family,

Alex Ong – Bruce Lee of Wellness – Junk Food Expert

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